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Shatavari Granules 120gm
Shatavari Granules 120gm1

Rajasthan Aushdhalaya

Rajasthan Aushdhalaya Satvari Cap
Rajasthan Aushdhalaya Shatvari Capsule
Shatavari Granules 120gm Dosage
Shatavari Granules 120gm Ingredients

Shatavari Granules 120gm

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Experience the power of Rajasthan Aushdhalaya Shatavari Granules, a premium herbal product designed to support your overall well-being. Made from the potent herb Shatavari, known for its numerous health benefits, these granules offer a convenient and effective way to enhance your vitality.

Benefits of Shatavari Granules:

  • Hormonal Balance: Shatavari aids in maintaining hormonal equilibrium, promoting reproductive health for women

  • Promotes Lactation: Due to its galactagogue characteristics, this 100 % natural remedy helps nursing women produce more and better-quality breast milk

  • Digestive Support: Improve digestion and alleviate acidity, flatulence, and blotting with the soothing and carminative properties of Shatavari

  • Immune Boost: Boost your immune system naturally and enhance your body's defense against infections and illnesses

  • Nourishing Tonic: Its adaptogenic properties aid in the natural reduction of mental and physical stress, as well as rejuvenation

  • SKU: RAPL-SC079
  • Packaging Size: 120 gm
  • Packaging Type: Granules
  • Brand: Rajasthan Aushdhalaya
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Rajasthan Aushdhalaya

Why Choose Shatavari Granules:

  • Premium Quality: Our Shatavari Granules are carefully crafted using high-quality Shatavari roots, ensuring optimal potency and purity.

  • Easy to Use: With our convenient granules, you can effortlessly incorporate the benefits of Shatavari into your daily routine.

  • Trusted Formulation: Our Shatavari Granules provide a reliable and time tested solution and are supported by extensive research and traditional wisdom

  • Natural Galactagogue: Promotes lactation through enhancing prolactin levels

  • Improves quality & quantity of milk

  • Adaptogen: helps to reduce post-delivery stress and anxiety naturally

  • Provides immunity to the newborn

  • Helps in post delivery recovery

  • Enhances overall health of mother & child

Experience the holistic power of Shatavari Granules and embrace a natural path to wellness. Unlock your potential and nourish your body from within.

  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) 
  • Sugar syrup 
  • Flavour 
  • Preservative 

4 gm. granules twice a day with milk or as per physician advice

Customer questions & answers

Shatavari granules are used for postpartum health and help in milk production, gynecological disorders such as menorrhagia, PCOS, PCOD, pregnancy induced hypertension etc.

Shatavari increases the production of prolactin, a hormone that is responsible for milk production/breastfeeding. Shatavari has been used to attempt to treat conditions related to hormone imbalance, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and infertility. Reduce the symptoms of menopause.

Yes, Shatavari Granules can be consumed with water or milk.

Shatavari is good for ovaries as it enhances folliculogenesis and ovulation.

Shatavari can be used as antioxidant, antiviral, immunity booster, Promotes lactation, balances hormones, reduce symptoms of menopause,and supports postpartum health. It is used as general tonic and female reproductive tonic. Shatavari also helps to manage conditions like alcohol withdrawal, anxiety, problems with memory, IBS.

Shatavari Granules are believed to offer multiple types of potential health benefits. It is regularly utilized to support female reproductive health, stimulate lactation in breastfeeding mothers, balance hormones, boost immunity, improve digestion, and improve overall vitality and well-being.

1 tsp (4 grams) twice a day mixed with milk or as directed by a physician

1 to 2 teaspoons twice a day with milk, or as directed by a doctor.

Yes, Shatavari is safe when trying to conceive. Also it helps in enhancing folliculogenesis and ovulation, preparing the womb for conception, preventing miscarriages.

Rajasthan Aushadhalayas Shatavari Granules are priced as follows: 1. Shatavari Granules 120gms - Rs. 345, 2. 240gm Shatavari Granules - Rs. 670
Shatavari Granules 120gm

Shatavari Granules 120gm

(12 reviews)
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