Gas and Constipation

Ayurvedic Medicine for Gas, Constipation, and Bloating. Ayurvedic medicine herbs treat gas, constipation, stomach ache. It detoxifies the body, removes impurities from the system, and strengthens digestive fire.

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Early Morning Churna

Early Morning Churna


Gas, constipation, heartburn, acidity, digestion problem,
nausea, etc.
Cleanses & Detoxifies the Body Naturally

For Gas, Constipation, Stomach Cramps, Nausea

Early Morning Churna is a carminative and gastric stimulant made of a mixture of herbs and edible salts. This includes samudra lavan used in food preparation all over the world, lavan helps soften food and make it easily digestible, aids secretion of saliva and gastric juices. The herbs and spices used are known for their carminative & digestive properties.

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