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Replanza Capsule.

Replanza Capsule.

REPLANZA-19 Capsules & Syrup” This product is a result of our extensive research to counter Viral & Microbial contamination and strengthen the immune system, which will prove itself as a boon in the current ongoing situation. It contains Tulsi (Anti Microbial), Guduchi (Immunomodulator), Neem ( Anti Viral ). The ingredients contained, itself suggests that it fights fever, viral and microbial infection besides Strengthening the Immunity, by acting as a strong Immunomodulator.
Efficacy and faster recovery guaranteed.

Febrifit Capsule

Febrifit Capsule

A Ayurvedic Herbal Remedy for Cold, Cough, Flue & Sore Throat.

Rich in Tulashi, Sunthi Maricha & Vasa.

Instant relief, without side effects.

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