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Are you suffering from Asthma, Joint Pain, Alcohol Addiction, Excess Weight or Arthritis?

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Why Rajasthan Aushadhalay ?

De-Addiction Center

Herbal formula for removal of addiction like alcohol, nicotine & drugs etc.

Joint Pain Center

Helpful in joints pain, Arthritis, Neuro Muscular Pain, Back ache, muscular sprain, stiffness of joints, etc

Immunity Booster

A synergistic combination of Ayurvedic herbs that helps maximize all aspects of mental performance, improves Memory & learning ability

Liver Disorder

Our Cure helps in Hepatitis, Hepatic dysfunction, Alcoholic liver diseases, Fatty infiltration of the liver.


COPD helps improving pulmonary ventilation, Asthma, Allergy, Cough etc.


Daib Hari helps to improves the peripheral utilization of glucose in the bady and helps to increase the hepatic & muscle glycogen content.

Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 4.97 based on 22 reviews

Dama Buti Churna

I am suffering from Dust allergy from child hood ,and also suffered from DNS operation ,but this product has given me excellent relief and I almost forgot about this problem.Thank you for changing my life.

Asthalex Capsule

Your Asthelex product has a very tremendous result I am using for the last 3 months, doctor has suggested to me for the next 3 more months my childhood lung problem is gone within 3 months and I felt a lot of curing by this.
Sachin Hedau
Raipur Chhattisgarh

Nari Amrut Capsule

Genuine product for womens health all the working womens as well as the homemakers it is the best product to use as we generally get stuck with our routine life and neglect our health just by 1 capsule every day we can feel really better.

Pain Niwaran Oil

Highly recommended for gout pain and other chronic pains my grandparents are using his product are really happy with the results

Thyrover Capsules

very good medicine for thyroid specially hypo thyroid i have recommended to many of my relatives

Dr Relaxi Oil

relaxy oil very good product for arthrities. even capsule also very good. shalaka in relaxy very helpful.

Surari Churna

very very effective for alcoholic person, it really helps to get rid alcohol addiction

Nari Amrut Syrup


LIV 333 Syrup

Good Products & Fantastic Service

Leucwin Syrup

Best Leucorrhea treatment consists of natural herbs

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