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Are you suffering from Asthma, Joint Pain, Alcohol Addiction, Excess Weight or Arthritis?

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Why Rajasthan Aushadhalay ?

De-Addiction Center

Herbal formula for removal of addiction like alcohol, nicotine & drugs etc.

Joint Pain Center

Helpful in joints pain, Arthritis, Neuro Muscular Pain, Back ache, muscular sprain, stiffness of joints, etc

Immunity Booster

A synergistic combination of Ayurvedic herbs that helps maximize all aspects of mental performance, improves Memory & learning ability

Liver Disorder

Our Cure helps in Hepatitis, Hepatic dysfunction, Alcoholic liver diseases, Fatty infiltration of the liver.


COPD helps improving pulmonary ventilation, Asthma, Allergy, Cough etc.


Daib Hari helps to improves the peripheral utilization of glucose in the bady and helps to increase the hepatic & muscle glycogen content.

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