Our Team

What is important is the "Make up" - something that a company is made up of matters the most. Our make-up or our core ingredients have always been very very strong - that's our Team. The RAPL Group family is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda through the products & services that we posses & create. We share a common vision that Ayurveda carries knowledge and tools the world needs. Each team member is conversant with his domain. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of providing you with the best possible product & services. Our commitment is to provide the best sustainably sourced, fairly traded, organic herbs, oils and formulations to enrich and nourish something highly desirable: A Healthy Life.


Dr. S.D. Chopdar - Chairman, RAPL Group

Dr S.D.Chopdar, our chairman is a visionary with a keen nature for Innovation who realized that this ancient Indian wisdom (Ayurveda) has solutions to the world’s modern medical challenges.He is one of India's leading Ayurvedacharya & practitioner of Ayurveda in its original form. Having spent most of his time & efforts in creating new, innovative & effective products through ancient Indian Medical Science, Dr. S.D. Chopdar has laid the foundation of this very unique & progressive Ayurvedic Company in India. With the secrets of powerful Indian herbs unlocked to him, he has developed over 120 preparations, manufacturing under the trade name ‘Rajasthan Herbals’ in India.


Dr. Sattar Diwan - Director 

Dr. Sattar Diwan, MD (Ayu. India), holds the designation of Chief Director of RAPL Group. He has not only set up an extensive corporate empire but also extended the medical benefits of this safe and sure herbal medicine throughout the country through de-addiction products. He is the pioneer & firm believer of De-Addiction Concept, hence popularized & spread this miraculous medicine & concept of de-addiction to swipe away the evils of Alcohol, Tobacco &  Drug Addiction. Many have & continue benefitting from our de-addiction centers spread in India and around the world and we have successfully cured more than 12 lacs of people across India. Dr. Sattar Diwan & his team is now reaching out to the International level to spread this wisdom & power of Ayurveda.

M.D.Chopdar - Director 

Mr. M.D. Chopdar,  Director of RAPL Group is that pillar which bears the existence of RAPL Group. He heads all the Manufacturing units PAN India. With extensive experience in factory operations, raw material handling, worker management & finished goods delivery he spearheads End-to-End operations with profitable production cost thus making us the leading & best Ayurvedic Company in India. His in-dept knowledge of ingredients & herbs ensures the quality of the RAPL Group products to be Grade 1 quality with maximum effectiveness. With no compromise strategy on product quality & maintenance, Mr. M.D. Chopdar thus has achieved us a big name in the Global Markets too.

Salim Diwan - Director 

Mr. Salim Diwan, (Advocate, India), Managing Director of RAPL Group spearheads the Corporate, Legal & Marketing aspects of the company. Being a renowned Advocate with years of experience in legal matters & corporate associations, Mr. Salim Diwan brings his expertise along with immense knowledge in Marketing & Promotions too. An ardent enthusiast with a great zeal to deliver the best in Ayurveda, Mr.Salim Diwan keeps up to the trending facts in the industry & is a common face in multiple National & International Health Conferences. With his passion & dedication, he has taken RAPL Group to various International countries, promoting Ayurveda & its wisdom, thus making Rajasthan Aushdhalaya a Global name. He also heads the Exports department & International Associations.


 Sajid Diwan - Operations Head

Mr. Sajid Diwan, Operations Manager has been associated with RAPL Group past 10 years. Sajid brings with him over 12 years of experience in senior IT management & possess strong knowledge of the software development and IT product design lifecycle. He is recognized for delivering leading-edge solutions that consistently meet complex business requirements. Adept at building strong relationships with IT staff, customers, vendors and third-party contractors.

ananth sir (Marketing Head - South India)

Ananth Krishnan - Head Sales & Administration

Mr. Ananth Krishnan  is result focused, client-oriented with extensive experience working in a high volume, deadline-driven environment. Proven ability to work under pressure and remain focused during constant interruptions. Self-motivated and self-directed. Improved the efficiency and accuracy of the office by restructuring the organizational flow. A multi-tasker, with excellent communication skills, sensitive to the needs of staff. Responsible for the day-to-day administrative duties of the office.

jha sir (Marketing Head - North India)

Nalin Kumar Jha - Marketing Head (North Region) 

Nalin Kumar Jha  has  vast experience in the field of Marketing & Sales & has worked with renowned names like  Dabur India Ltd, M/s IPSEM healthcare Ltd, M/s Ashwath healthcare & Boi Remedies . Since 1st Sep 2002 he has been with M/s Unique Herbal products as a Business Development Manager for all Maharashtra, Goa & North East Zone , M/s Esha Agro Developers Pvt (brand of herbal hills) , M/s Suyash Pharmaceuticals Pvt.ltd as Sales Manager, all India operations. Currently with our organization heading the Marketing Department.


Saddam Memon (Creative Head)

Working as a Designer with 7+ years experience has taught me that no matter what you work on, each project is different and unique in its own way. As a designer I enjoy inuencing that relationship with my strong design skills, aesthetic clarity and understanding of marketing principles. I learned to balance my creative vision with the limitations of designing for multiple languages, for which there is no one size ts all solution. From set designing to designing adverts, my role within the company encompassed many areas including corporate branding, brochure production, print design and other design projects as required. I have designed for several companies, including the production House of Film Industry, Pharmacy Company, as well as freelanced for smaller companies. Each experience has helped me grow as a designer and as a person.

anish it head

Anis Sunesra - IT Head

Hands-on, dedicated professional in senior IT management. Possess strong knowledge of the software development and IT product design lifecycle. Recognized for delivering leading-edge solutions that consistently meet complex business requirements. Adept in building strong relationships with IT staff, customers, vendors and third party contractors. Streamlined Information Technology department by separating support tasks, creating new leadership positions and implementing best practices. Spearheaded initiatives to restructure software product development processes to increase productivity. Took on the challenge to design enterprise software solution to create real-time redundancy between the corporate point of sales system database.

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